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News // 2010 Race Season

October 26, 2010 (Eagle River, WI) - October 2010 Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI finished the inaugural season for Natalie Decker’s racing a mod 4 stock car.

Natalie’s transition from karts to cars was a big step for a 12 year old, and it didn’t come with out some bumps and bruises.  A scary crash in the beginning of the season, and engine problems that plagued her the first half of the season, were two of the biggest issues.  At Rockford, IL Natalie was put to the test of exiting her car quickly, when her engine blew up during qualifying and the car filled with smoke and started on fire.

Once things were sorted out, Natalie gained some valuable seat time and she began to put on a show.  Qualifying in the fast group every race coupled with three heat wins late in the season Natalie finished the year 12th in points at Golden Sands Speedway and 8th in points at State Park Speedway.

Natalie finished the year on a high note by winning her heat at Oktoberfest in La Crosse before an accident ended her night while running second place in the feature.

Being a 13 year old girl attracts a large share of fan and media attention.  The La Crosse newspaper in their story on winners of the huge Oktoberfest had this insertion on Natalie:

13 AND RACING: Natalie Decker of Eagle River, Wis., is one of the youngest drivers competing at the four-day Oktoberfest Race Weekend, but that didn’t slow her down Thursday night.  Decker won a Bandits heat race.

Natalie says she can’t wait until next year when she will again campaign her mod 4 while getting some test laps in a super stock late model.  Thank you to EVERYONE who helped Natalie in her first year of racing stock cars.


October 15, 2010 (Eagle River, WI) - I was very pleased with both Paige and Claire's driving skills for the 2010 racing season!  With both of the girl's competing in the Mid-American Stock Car Series and also racing in Super Stock at Wausau, Plover, and Marshfield. This schedule kept our crew and race haulers very busy.

The girls gained a valuable amount of seat time, sometimes racing three nights a week and not to mention the tires, race fuel, engines, and body components! We are again realizing the commitment and the price of racing.

It was great to see Claire make three Mid-American Stock Car Series race starts at Marshfield, Wisconsin Dells and La Crosse for Octoberfest. The Mid-American Stock Car Series has given both girls an opportunity to race on several different race tracks thought the mid-west and run side by side with some of the best drivers in the area.

I was very pleased to see Paige’s impressive performance at Road America in Elkhart Lake, She timed in 8th fastest, won the invert roll and started on the poll and clicked off some of the fastest times of the Mid-American racers during the 10 lap feature.

Paige had a great season with a heat win at Rockford Speedway and finishing 11th in points out of 33 drivers in the Mid-American Stock Car Series.

It was also impressive to see Claire improve every lap she made in the car, her cool and smooth consistent driving style will soon be a force to reckon with!

Claire with very little Mid-American Stock Car Series racing experience had impressive performances at Marshfield where she was up to 7th place in the feature before mechanical issues ended her night of racing.

Claire had a solid finish in the feature race at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway during Octoberfest in the Mid-American Stock Car Series final race of the season.

With the 2010 race season in the books we are all looking forward to the next  racing season!

Now that I will have both girls racing the Mid-American Stock Car Series we can be together as a family and team. I want to thank every one that helped Decker Racing make this race season a huge success.

Team Owner and Dad

Allen Decker


Rockford, IL (October 1-3, 2010) - Paige and Claire ran in Mid-American Stock Car Series on October 3rd. Natalie ran on October 1st in the Mod 4 class for her first time at the Rockford Speedway.

Natalie had engine failure during qualifying on Friday so her racing was cut short.

Paige and Claire had good runs in practice on Sunday. Paige started outside row 1 and led every lap and won heat 1 with Claire finishing in 8th in her 3rd Mid-Am heat race.

Paige advanced to the feature and was having a good race in the 75 lap feature until 25 laps to go when the car shut down and would not restart.

Next race is the 41st ANNUAL OKTOBERFEST Race Weekend. Lacrosse Fairgrounds Speedway, Oct. 9th 2010.

Natalie ran in the Mod-4 class and had a good night, she finished 7th.


September 9, 2010 (Wasau, WI) - Statepark Speedway in Wausau, WI helped raise money for the “Racing for a Cure” on September 9, 2010 during their evening races.  This track is a ¼ mile asphalt oval that takes pride in its long history.  For over 35 years guys like Dick Trickle, Mark Martin, Scott Wimmer and Chris Wimmer have all competed here to a strong fan base that continues to support this venue.

All race fans who wore pink were admitted into the races free of admission with a five dollar donation to the Susen G. Komen Foundation.  Natalie Decker (13 year old daughter of 1987 World Champion Snowmobile Racer Chuck Decker of Eagle River, WI), participated in this fundraiser, not as a race fan, but as a race driver in the 4 cylinder modified class.  Decker moved out of Go-Karts and into Stock Cars this season.  The Decker Racing team consists of Paige Decker (age 17), Claire Decker (age 15) and Natalie Decker.  Paige and Claire were disappointed they were unable to attend this special event.  Unfortunately they were scheduled to race in the Mid Am Stock car circuit that weekend. 

Decker’s aunt, Jodi Leas (age 47), a summer resident of Eagle River, WI and resided in Elm Grove was a free lance writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and many other publications, passed away August 26, 2010 from breast cancer.  Natalie Decker wanted to race in honor of her aunt that evening and decided to have pink Decker Racing shirts made to help support the cure.  In between her qualifying, heat race and feature, Natalie sold the shirts to fans and racers.

MDM Imaging of St. Germain, WI created and donated stickers in memory of Jodi Leas that the race driver’s displayed on their car for the evening’s event. You may still see Decker’s decorated car race in Madison, WI on September 24th; Rockford, Ill on October 1st & 2nd, and October Fest in LaCrosse, WI  on October 7th & 8th.

Decker finished second in her heat and seventh out of twenty cars in the feature.  Decker told her pit crew, “I won tonight, even though I got seventh, because I raced for my aunt.”


Marshfield, WI (August 28,2010) - Paige and Claire both ran at the Marshfield Motor Speedway for the Heart of Wisconsin 40 lap Mid-American Stock Car Series race. Natalie also ran in the Mod-4 class.

Paige had one of the best nights of racing this year in the Mid-American Stock Car Series! She started 21st and drove her car to an 11th place finish; she finally had a car that was handling the way she wanted.

This was Claire’s debut running in her first Mid-American Stock Car Series race. Claire was doing well until a late race incident. She took her damaged car back to the pits, had the right front fender quickly removed and she got back on the track. Claire ended up with a 20 place finish.

Natalie ran in the Mod-4 class and had a good night, she finished 7th.


Plover, WI (August 27, 2010) - Natalie raced at the Golden Sands Speedway and won her heat race for the second week in a row! Then she drove her Ford Probe to an 8th place finish in the feature.


Wisconsin Dells, WI (July 24, 2010) - Paige and Natalie both raced at the Dells Raceway Park. Paige ran her Mid-Am car and Natalie ran the Bandit class.

It was another hot day of racing with temps in the lower 90's. Paige fought a lose car in qualifying and in the heat race. She then had to run the LCQ and was able to make the feature. Adjustments were made to the car for the feature and Paige was making her way through the field but with 9 laps to go the car shut down and she ended up 22nd.

Natalie ran in the Bandit class and timed in 6th and finished 3rd in the heat. She made the feature and drove her car to an 8th place finish.


Plover, WI (July 23, 2010) - Both Claire and Natalie raced at Golden Sands Speedway on Friday night. Claire raced her Super Stock and Natalie raced her Mod 4.

Claire qualified 9th fastest and finished 5th in her heat race. Claire started the 20 lap feature on the pole and led for 8 laps and then settled in the middle of the field. She gained a few places but in the final laps was tagged and spun in turn one. Claire finished 10th in the feature.

Natalie qualified 7th fastest and finished 7th in her heat race. Natalie started 15th in the feature. When she was advancing to the front of the pack she was forced to the bottom of the track by another car. Natalie finished the race in 9th even with a cut tire.


Norway, WI (July 16, 2010) - Decker Racing made their first appearance at the Norway Speedway located in the U.P. of MI for the 6th Mid-Am race of the season. Paige qualified 16th and needed to be in the top 15 to transfer to the feature, she was edged out by .001 of a second.

Paige had to race her way into the Feature by running the LCQ to make the Feature. She started 9th and needed to finish 3rd or better to transfer into the Feature, she raced her way up through the field and finished 3rd.

Paige started 20th in the 40 lap Feature and drove her Chevy Monte Carlo up to 11th. Her car was handling the best it ever has and then with 26 laps to go the car developed as miss coming out of the corners, Paige pulled her car off the track and finished 18th.


Marshfield, WI (July 10, 2010) –  Claire and Paige both ran at Marshfield Motor Speedway in the Super Stock class. After the crew changed the gears in both cars and the radiator in Paige's car Friday night after running at Golden Sands Speedway the girls were ready to run. Paige and Claire both made the feature and both had a good night at the Marshfield Motor Speedway. Next race Norway, MI.


Plover, WI (July 9, 2010) - Claire and Paige both ran at Golden Sands Speedway in the Super Stock class. It was a busy night making changes to both of the cars. Paige took a 3rd in the heat race and Claire took a 9th. Paige started 14th and Claire started 16th in feature but the handling was a bit off but they both did a great job driving their Chevy Monte Carlos. Paige finished 11th and Claire finished 15th. 


Marshfield, WI (June 26, 2010) –  Decker Racing celebrated another first with Paige and Claire racing together in the Super Stock class for both the heat and feature races. The crew was extremely busy making adjustments to both of the Chevy Monte Carlos.

Highlighting the warm evening of racing was Claire’s first pole position start. Paige also started in the front row in the 2nd position. When the green flag dropped for the 20 lap feature race, Claire took the lead. It was exciting to watch the sisters racing side-by-side and battling for positions. At the checked flag Paige finished 5th and Claire finished 7th.


Elkhart Lake, WI (June 18-20, 2010) –  This was an exciting weekend for Decker Racing at Road America on the 4.048 mile 14 turn road course for the Vercauteren Memorial race.

Paige and Claire met many new fans, signed Autograph cards and even had several kids get into the stock cars for pictures.

Qualifying went well for Paige and Fathers Day 2010 will always be remembered as her first pole position start for a Mid-American race!

Paige lead the pack for the first lap until turn 5 where her stock car lost oil pressure and she had to pull off the track. On lap 2 the red flag came out for an unrelated crash. Next the Decker crew came to Paige’s aid in turn five and got her back into the race.

When the race resumed Paige was two laps down but her lap speeds were consistent with the leaders and at times her speeds were even faster. Paige was able to drive her Chevy Monte Carlo to an 11th place finish out of a field of 21 cars.


Plover, WI (June 4, 2010) –  Both Claire and Natalie ran at Golden Sands Speedway and it was a very busy night for Team Decker Racing. Claire qualified well and started 12th fastest in the Super Stock 35 lap feature and finished 10th.

Natalie qualified her Mod 4 car to be the 13th fastest for the start of her feature race. She was off like a rocket making good passes and gaining several positions. With 2 laps to go Natalie was involved in a crash. The dramatic crash happened on the front straightaway that forced her into the wall. The water barrels cushioned the impact, showered the area and kept her safe. The car was damaged and needed to be towed back to the pits.


WI Dells, WI (May 29, 2010) – Sunny skies and the heat was on at the Dells Raceway Park! Even though Paige fought a very loose race car she managed to drive some very good laps. After several adjustments to her Mid-Am car, she made it into the 40 lap feature. With continuing challenges to the handling of the Monte Carlo, she hung on and finished 19th. Next race for Paige will be at Road America-Elkhart Lake WI.


MORRIS, Ill. (May 21, 2010) –  The rains fell hard as we were traveling from Eagle River, WI to the Grundy County Speedway located in Morris, IL. There were times that we thought the races were going to be canceled! But we thundered on and it was good that we did as the races were on!

Paige finished 6th in the heat race which qualified her for the Mid-Am 40 lap feature. The car was good at the start but handling went away at the end. She finished 16th out of 26 cars and did an awesome job moving her Chevy Monte Carlo up in positions and also avoiding numerous incidents.

Decker Racing had a very good run at the Morris MAY-hem. Next race Dells Raceway Park.


ELKHART LAKE, WI.  Testing (May 12, 2010) – Decker Racing had a great day at Road America during test and tune day on one of the worlds most challenging 4.048 mile 14 turn road course.

We dodged the rain in the morning and after an hour of instruction Paige was on the track one of the best instructors the track has showing her the best lines to use on the road course.

She worked her speed up as we made changes to her car. By the last session she was turning some very god lap times! Paige is very excited about the up coming Mid-Am race on June 19th and 20th at Road America.


Rockford, IL. (April 17-18, 2010) – Season opener for the Mid-American Stock Car Series started at the Famous Rockford Speedway located in Loves Park, IL. Paige has a new car this season that handled very well in practice on Saturday. She had some of the best lap times for starting out in a new car this season.

In heat 1 she finished 8th and had to run in the LCQ race and on lap 10 was caught up in a crash and finished 5th.

After all the excitement of the season opener it was a great weekend for Decker Racing as Paige gained valuable points toward running for Rookie of the year Honors. Next race Grundy County Speedway.


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