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News // 2012 Race Season


September 23rd, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- On Sep. 23, 2012 at Dells Raceway Park Natalie Decker got some good seat time in the #17 ASA Super Truck (owner Chad Wood)! Natalie's really excited about racing the truck! Look for her at Oktoberfest in LaCrosse, WI on Friday Oct. 5, 2012 as she debut's in her first ASA Super Truck Series race!  Photo


Season Championship at Marshfield Motor SpeedwaySEASON CHAMPIONSHIP AT MARSHFIELD MOTOR SPEEDWAY

September 20th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Paige was ready for her final points race at Marshfield Motor Speedway, however she was missing her partner in crime, and little sister, Claire.  But Paige was ready to make a statement with that Decker name on the car.  The crew struggled through practice a little, trying to find some new set ups, and figuring out what was going to work.  Qualifying didn’t go very well.  Paige qualified 12th out of 19 cars, not her best, but things could have been much worse.  Full Story


Natalie Decker, Fast Timer4 FEATURE WINS FOR #04 NATALIE DECKER!

September 1st, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Natalie Decker captures her 4th feature win on Sep. 1, 2012 at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Natalie also set fast time in the super stock division and took her Grandpa Dick Decker for a ride with the honor of carrying the American Flag during the National Anthem.  It was a good night all around as she took 2nd in her heat coming up from the back.  Then having to start in the back again for the feature, Natalie drove her #04 super stock car through the field to Victory Lane! Photo


Natalie Decker, Fast TimerNATALIE DECKER, FAST TIMER

August 29th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Natalie Decker #04 has had Fast Time Qualifiying runs at all three tracks this year (State Park Speedway, Golden Sands Speedway and Marshfield Motor Speedway).  Joining her in the photo as Fast Time of Super Lates at SPS is Neil Knoblock.

Natalie Decker Gets Back to Back Wins!NATALIE DECKER GETS BACK TO BACK WINS

August 28th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Natalie Decker #04 had back to back feature wins at State Park Speedway on August 19 & 23, 2012!

Paige and Claire Turn Heads Again in the Super Late DivisionPAIGE AND CLAIRE TURN HEADS AGAIN IN THE SUPER LATE DIVISION

August 23rd, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Paige and Claire were ready to mark another weekend down in the books.  The girls were both ready to compete again in the Super Late division, and were even more excited when they heard the field was going to be increased today.  The car count went up to 20 cars, and the girls were ready. Qualifying was on.  Paige ended up 7th, and Claire 14th.  They hoped this would have them hit the invert just right. 
Full Story


Paige and Claire Both Turn Heads in the Late ModelsPAIGE AND CLAIRE BOTH TURN HEADS IN THE LATE MODELS

August 9th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- This was a very exciting weekend for the two Decker sisters, and they were ready to compete.  Sitting at the shop earlier that day scaling the cars, the girls for sure thought that the race was going to get rained out.  However the weather was in their favor and the race was on.  Because of all the rain, the girls only got one practice, and then it was time for qualifying.
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Natalie Decker @ Golden SandsNATALIE DECKER @ GOLDEN SANDS

August 8th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- We were back in Plover, WI at Golden Sands Speedway with only 4 races left at this track.  The last time we were here we slipped to 2nd in points, so I was looking to take over 1st in points.  The night started out really good when I set a fast time.  I started in the back of the fast heat and pushed myself to 4th in 10 short laps.  In the feature I started 12th and slowly worked my way up to 5th. 
Full Story


Paige and Claire, Super Late PairPAIGE AND CLAIRE, SUPER LATE PAIR

July 18th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Paige and Claire were very excited for this weekend, because this was the first weekend that the two sisters would be racing together in the super late division.  This was also a big special, and there were going to be a lot of good racers there.  Natalie and her family also came for support.  We had a full crew, and the girls were ready to go. 
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Decker Racing Brings the HeatDECKER RACING BRINGS THE HEAT

July 12th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- What a weekend for Decker Racing! All three girls represented themselves well at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Claire and Natalie were in the Super Stock division, and Paige was in the Super Late. Qualifying; Paige qualified third. Natalie 6th, and Claire 1st.  Claire also had the honor of getting to carry the American flag during the national anthem.
Full Story


Decker Girls Represent at Marshfield Motor SpeedwayDECKER GIRLS REPRESENT AT MARSHFIELD MOTOR SPEEDWAY

June 14th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- All three girls were racing at Marshfield Motor Speedway on Saturday, and they were more than ready to go.  All three of them were there, and they had all the encouragement they needed.  That was the positive of all racing together.  The girls got signed it, received their wrist bands, and headed to the infield.  Cars were quickly unloaded, and the girls got dressed.  Practice came, and went very quickly.  Each one of the girls was struggling with their cars, and many changes were made. Full Story


Solid Weekend for the Decker GirlsSOLID WEEKEND FOR THE DECKER GIRLS

June 5th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Decker Racing rolled into Golden Sands Speedway last Friday hoping to just finish the races clean and have no damage to the car.  They got that and much much more.  Paige was racing her super late there, and Natalie was racing her Super Stock.  This was Paige’s first time racing her late model this season, and also the first time racing at Golden Sands Speedway in a late model, so she was a little nervous.
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May 30th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- I planned on racing my super late model at Marshfield Motor Speedway on Saturday for the makeup Yellow River race, however it was cancelled again.  So instead my sister and I were ready to race at Plover for the Memorial Day special. Monday came, and the weather wasn’t so great.  We had a couple rain delays throughout the day, but eventually all the rain quit, and we were ready to go racing.
Full Story


Claire and Natalie Tear it up at MarshfieldCLAIRE AND NATALIE TEAR IT UP AT MARSHFIELD

May 17th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- This past weekend at Marshfield Motor Speedway was the first weekend all three of us girls would be racing together, and we were more than excited.  It was perfect weather out, and we were ready to go. Quoted from Allen Decker about Paige in the Super Late: “Paige had a rough start with her Super Late at the Yellow river speedway on Saturday night, although her qualifying time was not bad with an 18.330, which put her in 12 fastest. Full Story


Claire and Natalie Impress @ Golden SandsCLAIRE AND NATALIE IMPRESS AT GOLDEN SANDS

May 7th, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- This past weekend was a very exciting one for the Decker Racing team.  Claire and Natalie raced in the Super Stock class Friday night at Golden Sands Speedway.  It was the first race of the season and they were head set on gaining some respect on the track.  The two girls arrived at the track, along with Allen, Chuck, Sara, Scott Anderson, and Greg “Shakey” Franz.  The Ben Martinson prepared cars were ready to go.
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Practice @ Golden Sands // Decker Girls are ReadyPRACTICE AT GOLDEN SANDS // DECKER GIRLS ARE READY

April 23rd, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- April 28th was an open practice for Claire and Natalie at Golden Sands Speedway.  They were both there with their Super Stocks, crewed by Ben Martinson.  The race at Marshfield was cancelled for me, so I also went over to Sands to watch the test session.  I missed Natalie on the track but she explained to me later on that her practice went well.  She was on the track four times, and clocked in faster times each session on the track. Full Story


Decker Racing // Ready for 2012 SeasonDECKER RACING // READY FOR 2012 SEASON

April 23rd, 2012 // Eagle River, WI -- Decker Racing is ready for the 2012 race season, and we are starting out the year ready.  This year we have many new and exciting announcements.  There are a few new classes that us girls are going to be running.  Natalie will be continuing to run a super stock, with Ben Martinson as her crew chief.  In addition to the super stock, Natalie will also be appearing in the Mid Am Series, which will be new for her. 
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