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Claire Joins the PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge


June 15th, 2014 (Eagle River, WI) //

Claire Decker and her fellow PEAK Challenge RacersPEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge

The family flew out on Friday morning so we could watch Paige race in Langley on Saturday. I haven’t seen her sense she left in February to move down there. I didn’t have much time with her because I needed to be at the hotel to check in for the Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge. We received our suit, shoes, gloves, helmet, hats, and shirts. Than we did an interview and took some pictures, that night we all the contestants went to dinner. The next three days were an amazing experience. I got to drive different cars and do things I would never have the opportunity to do without the Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge. I can’t say much about what we did and how I did because it’s going to be on television but tune into Velocity on August 2 at 9:00p.m. (eastern time) to see if I won the Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge.

Friday at Golden Sands Speedway

There was a good car count at Golden Sands about 18 cars were there. I qualified 5th and was excited for the feature. The roll of the dice was a six so thirteen cars were inverted. I started 5th row inside. I was held up in the beginning of the race but after a few cautions I worked my way up to the front. The car was tight and it just got worse throughout the race. I ended up in 4th and was happy with the finish because the car still needed some work. Next week Chris Wimmer is racing the car at Madison on Tuesday and at Wausau on Thursday. I will be racing on Friday at Golden Sands Speedway.




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