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Natalie Carries the Flag for Flip


June 23rd, 2014 (Eagle River, WI) // June 19 state park speedway - The Flip Merwin Memorial race at State Park Speedway was supported by many fans and race drivers, including Decker Racing! It was a memorable moment for Natalie to carry the American flag on an honorary lap for Flip after the National Anthem. Natalie set fast time again in her Limited Late Model, however, was unable to finish out the evening with a feature in this class because of rain. In the Super Late Model, she qualified 10th out of 23 which put her in the feature by time. During the first few laps of the feature, Natalie's oil light was flickering on and off and she was considering pulling off but decided to continue. Lap ten coming out of turn four, Sauter made contact in the back of Natalie which caused her to spin out. This was probably a good thing for Natalie because at this point she had no oil pressure and the tow truck brought her back to the pits. It was an early end to the evening for 04 and a long night for her crew to change out the motor for Golden Sands Speedway race the next day.

Tom Ress lecturing Natalie on her qualifying in Super Late at Golden Sands Speedway

Tom Ress lecturing Natalie on her qualifying in Super Late at Golden Sands Speedway

June 20 Golden Sands Speedway - Natalie was very fortunate to have such dedicated help the night before to drive to B & B to pick up an engine to rent for her super late car because it lost oil pressure the night before at State Park Speedway's race. The crew stayed up all night switching out engines and preparing for GSS. Since Natalie was holding second in points, they really did not want to for-go this race. Natalie qualified 12th out of 24 drivers which put her into the feature. After her qualifying run Tom Ress, her crew chief, lectured her on driving the car in harder and told her not to be afraid of it spinning out during qualifying. This is something Natalie is working on to improve. Natalie finished a strong third in the feature which keeps her tied for second in points. Thank you to everyone who made this race possible!

June 21 Dells Raceway Park - Natalie had a good qualifying time at Dells Raceway Park. Natalie qualified 9th and the top 9 were very close in time. The evening ended early for team 04. A car spun and she had no way of avoiding the car. The limited late was loaded on the trailer early and will take a couple weeks for repairs. Natalie's race schedule may change due to repairs, so please check her race schedule periodically which is posted on her home page of the website.





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