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Paige Joins NASCAR Drive for Diversity Team


June 4th, 2014 (Concord, NC) // To start things off, I am currently living down in Concord, North Carolina racing for the NASCAR Drive for Diversity team. I was privileged enough to be selected after the combine I participated in to come down and represent the diversity team, and also be the only female to do so. This is a developmental team funded by NASCAR, which has a goal of bringing more diverse drivers up into the top level of racing. I can not thank the team enough for the amazing year so far, and all the connections they have given me. They are doing nothing but trying to set me up for success. You can stay updated on my racing down here by following @RevRacing on Twitter or by going on the Rev Racing website.

As most of you race fans already know, the key to being a great racer is a lot if seat time.  This makes me very excited to announce that I am going to be coming back to Wisconsin to race some Super Late Model races. I am going to be racing July 6th at Slinger Speedway to gain me some practice for the Slinger Nationals which I will also be competing in. I am very excited to be racing in such a prestigious event, and can not wait to be back in my super! Also, I wouldn't be surprised if you saw me show up at Golden Sands or Marshfield Motor Speedway on a Friday or Saturday night. 

Not only was I very excited to tell all of you about the races I am going to be competing in, I am even more excited to announce the guys that are going to be helping me along the way. To start things off, when you think of Slinger Speedway one name comes to mind and that is Steve Apel. Steve won the points championship last year at Slinger Speedway, and also made a significant mark in the Slinger Nationals. I am honored to announce that Steve will be preparing and crewing my car for the races at Slinger Speedway, and I am confident we will make a dynamic duo. I can not thank him and his crew enough for supporting me.  In addition to Steve, I have been lucky enough to become friends with Ron Malec who is Jimmie Johnson's car chief. After a lot of convincing phone calls, Ron has committed to taking a break from the big leagues and coming back to Wisconsin to help me out. Ron has turned many laps back in Wisconsin himself, and is excited to be heading back to familiar territory. 

I hope you can all come out the Slinger Nationals to support me! I am exited to be taking a break from "y'all" and some sweet tea to get some more seat time in my super late model.

- Paige Decker




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