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Four for four for #04 at State Park Speedway


Natalie nails her 4th consecutive FAST TIME at State Park Speedway (Photo by Tom Loos)

July 7th, 2014 (Eagle River, WI) // State Park Speedway July 3 - Four for #04 at State Park Speedway! Natalie is fast timer and feature winner in the limited late for four consecutive races! John DeAngelis raced his limited late for the first time this season at SPS. During the last three laps of the feature Natalie ran on the outside of DeAngelis side by side with not even enough room to slip a dime inbetween their side panels. Coming across for the checkered, Natalie managed to cross the finish line ahead by only a hundreth of a second. As DeAngelis' crew member tweeted "Natalie Decker had her goldie locks flying out the window as she blew by Johnny DeAngelis in Wausau!"

Natalie qualified Fourth in the super late that night at SPS. Great qualifying run for her! Sue Decker explained, "We told Natalie to go out and have fun qualifying and did not try to over analize to her prior to qualifying as she has been struggling with this and we changed our coaching approach." In the feature, on lap three an accident happened in front of Natalie with no where for her to go. This ended her night and weekend early, as car was unable to be fixed in time for the Tundra race in Norway, MI on Saturday.






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